Call For Papers

Journal of Art and Architecture Studies (JAAS)

Manuscripts as Original Research Paper, Short Communication, Case Reports and Review or Mini-Review are invited for rapid peer-review publishing in Journal of Art and Architecture Studies (JAAS). The publication of the Journal of Art and Architecture Studies (JAAS) is coordinated by the Publishing Committee of Science line Publication as Concessionaire.

The JAAS will start from 2012 and will publish only original research material relevant to the field of art and architecture sciences. Main objective of this journal is to publish original researches, short communications as well as literature reviews in the all area of art and architecture sciences. All accepted articles are published bi-monthly in full text in the Internet without processing charges. Authors (researchers and scientists) wishing to submit their work, should contact the journal´s administrator (Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Those who are willing to join to editorial board, for questions or comments about (JAAS), please feel free to contact us.

Considered subject in Architecture field include:

•           Architectonic and urban heritage
•           History of urban planning
•           Planning and land and city management
•           Land politics and housing
•           Planning
•           Land
•           Housing
•           Transport management
•           Urban History
•           Urban and land studies
•           Urban mobility analysis and mobility management
•           Urban representation
•           Urban environment and sustainability
•           Urban systems
•           Urban and environmental valuation
•           Urbanistic spaces:
•           Urban representation
•           Land and city administration
•           Information city and society
•           Geographic and land information systems
•           Environmental behavior of buildings
•           Thermal, light and acoustic valuation of architectonic
•           Integration of energy renewal systems
•           Techniques of energy enhancement of the architecture
•           City and transport management in relation to Architecture for Healthy Living
•           Graphic expression of city and land
•           Geometry and 3D model
•           Color and shape of city architecture
Considered subject in Visual arts fields include:
•           Ceramics
•           Drawing
•           Painting
•           Collage
•           Assemblage
•           Installation
•           Calligraphy
•           Sculpture
•           Printmaking
•           Design
•           Crafts
•           Handcraft
Considered subject in Performing arts fields include:
•           Music
•           Theatre
•           Film
•           Dance
•           Graphical work
•           Photography
•           Video
•           Film making, as well as literature, and other media such as interactive media that is included in a broader definition of art or the arts.
Considered subject in applied arts fields include:
•           Industrial design
•           Graphic design
•           Fashion design
•           Interior design
•           Decorative art
•           Functional art as the architecture
Reasons to publish with (JAAS):
•           Easy submission
•           Fast evaluation process
•           Expert review from JAAS’s team of editors, who strive to give authors fair advice
•           The highest standards followed to improve your accepted manuscript.
•           No page or color charges for registered members
•           No Processing charge

Editorial team of JAAS